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Stupid Criminals Videos

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This is good. Crime Hurts


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Robbery that didn't work

Not too bright bank robber.

Stupid Criminal Stories, heh, heh, heh...

How not to rob a liquor store. Sound effects and music added.

Guy tries to trade-in car at the same place he stole it from

Not very smart kidnapping

Rob a restaurant, then eat there, great idea!

Reenactment of a robbery gone very wrong

Never try to rob a place that sells security cameras

Pot smoker applies for gun permit

Maury Povich shows dumb criminal clips.

Another robbery that didn't work

Drunk guy at police department.

Two burglers attempt a 3am smash and grab at a service station in New Zealand looking for cigerettes, but leave empty handed when they discover the bootee has been hidden. Gee you would think they'd grab something after all that.

Stupid police dog

Whatever works for the police.

Stupid Criminal Pages:  1  2
Stupid Criminal Videos:   1

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