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Jerry W. Tolbert

About Jerry W. Tolbert

Although not from Texas, Jerry got here as fast as he could! He started out as a Child in South Alabama, a L....o....n.....g time ago. As you can see, he has grown steadily since then!

He is a survivor...with honors...of the United States Marine Corps.

Jerry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, an MBA in International Management and a PHD in Life!

Involved in many civic activities, Jerry is this year’s recipient of the Best Supporting Actor’s Award for the Van Zandt County Community Theatre. He is immediate past president of the Poets of East Texas, A Councillor with the Poetry Society of Texas and a member of the Kiwanis Club. He attends Russell Memorial United Methodist Church in Wills Point, Texas where he teaches Sunday School, sings in the Choir, and generally tries to learn how to be a better person.

Jerry lives on a 175-acre ranch (the size of a back yard on some W. Texas Spreads). But, he can generally run one cow to the acre. He has a few horses, one dog and a pretty good woman....not necessarily in that order. He keeps threatin’ a new years resolution “ NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING THAT EATS WHILE I SLEEP!”. But, he wouldn’t know what to do if he quit “messin’ with cows.”

Jerry has two grown daughters, two twin granddaughters, and a thirteen year old son....but that’s another story! He claims to be in the 15th year of his 39th birthday!

Jerry has performed at several festivals, cowboy symposiums, fairs, conventions, dinners and has been paid and invited back by most!

Here......direct from the ranch is.........

J.W. Tolbert

	Just Travelin' 
	I was out in West Texas, 
	When I ran into a Truck; 
	It was pullin’ a one horse trailer, 
	Talk about some luck! 
	Here comes a Texas Ranger, 
	From Lord I don’t know where; 
	He swaggers up to my pickup, 
	And sez “What’s goin’ on here?” 
	My horse’s leg is broke, 
	The other Cowpoke said; 
	“So sad” said the Ranger as he pulls a big revolver, 
	And shoots the poor horse dead. 
	Then before the dust had settled, 
	Back on top the dirt; 
	He turns and looks at me, 
	And he asks me if I’s hurt. 
	That’s when I went to ‘hollerin, 
	I started to pray and beg; 
	I said: “Lord, I’m a’comin’ to see ya, 
	I think I broke my leg! 

WORDS TO LIVE BY Now I asked my Daddy jest why he’d stayed, And worked them cows day after day; How after all this time, He’d managed to keep his Presence of Mind. I asked him how he’d persevered, He choked at first and when his voice cleared; He spoke with a passion I can still see, And these are the words that he gave to me: “It takes had work when yore raisin’ cows, Some mighty good smarts and some sweat on the brow; It takes some luck and it takes some pain, And Lord knows, it takes some rain. But if you’ve got trust, That God or fate is always just; If you git a good woman and a bit of good land, You jest might make a fair cowhand.” I said, “But what ‘bout the time it got so dry? Remember when I was jest knee-high? That ‘ol mule tore down yore fence, They’s 15 cows that we ain’t seen since!” “And how can you smile like you got no fear, And start all over year after year?” He said, “now listen boy and don’t forget, When things is bad is when you jest don’t quit!” He said, “Jest ask yore Mama, She’ll tell you true; We never gave up, And it pulled us thru.” And I thought to myself, why that ‘ol man’s wise, Now he’s giving ME words that I can live by; When from the kitchen, I heard Mama yell: “We’re still here ‘cause of yore Daddy, Why, He’s crazy as hell!”
In Memory of Timmy Stanley, with whom I played cowboys over 50 years ago.

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"GOTCHA" I close my eyes and still see them, Playing with imaginary toys; Long before microchip heroes, Alabama had the ”Gotcha” Cowboys! They ran rough-shod ‘round Ella White Village, Corralling the dust and the dew; ‘Round them mischievous things happened, And most likely they would happen to you. They could shoot straighter than any arrow, With a make-believe rifle or gun; And whoever was first to say “gotcha”.... Well, that was the cowboy who’d won. One moved away to Texas, One stayed here in Mobile; Both grew too quickly to Manhood, Now one lies here so still. It truly has been a Lifetime, And in time all life shall die; I’ve come back to see you cousin, But not to say goodbye. For if ever I do get to Heaven, To see Jesus, my family, my friends; I know I’m ‘gonna hear “gotcha”, And I’ll be playing Cowboys with Timmy again.
Jerry Wayne Tolbert June 7, 1999 Contact Jerry at Cowboysays@aol.com

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