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David Skipworth

Pictures In My Mind.

By David Skipworth

When I was a little boy out on the farm I spent alot of time alone. My big brother was off at harvest and mom and dad were seldom home.

But I didn't mind I had lots of friends and I played with them all the time. Ya see, they wern't really people, they were just pictures in my mind.

But to me, they was just as real as day and they kept me company when there was no real folks to play.

We could be pirates on the high seas or cowboys punchin cattle and all day we played army men and we never lost a battle.

Ya see these things have been pretty helpful through the years and through the times cause when I get really sad or lonely I just look through the pictures in my mind.

Like when all the family would get to gather and hadn't seen'em in years and the day the Lord came into my heart I remember the joyful tears.

I see the children when they were little just startin to talk and the times when I picked them up and duster them off when they were learnin to walk.

I can see the love of my life happy and without a care. I can almost reach out and touch her and smell her scented hair.

Yes, these things have been pretty helpful through the years and through the time cause I can find peace in my heart when I look at the pictures in my mind.

Now that I'm gettin on in my years and most of my life has gone past lots of things have come and gone but the pictures will always last.

Now when I'm gone to heaven I know I'll have all kinds of time and I'll never have a sad moment because of the pictures in my mind.


Ah, just look at her, standing there so bright and fair and how she makes us feel when she's blowin in the air. And to some folks she may not seem much at all but it's what she stands for whether our nation stands or falls. She stands for liberty, equality and brotherhood and she does things inside of me that no woman ever could. When I see her wavin in the wind across the blue skies it makes me feel so proud and good and often tears fall from my eyes.

I think about all the things she’s saw while wavin way up there of all the men who fought and died to keep her flyin in the air. On the battle field through smoke and gun fire they carried her onto victory because these men believed in what she stood for, brotherhood, equality & liberty. Yes, these Americans laid down their life and wouldn’t have it any other way because they believed in their heart that freedom was worth the pay.

Lookin back through the years and all the days thats gone by how things must of looked through her wavin eye. When she looked down upon the ground and the British were on their way the American Revolution started 1777 on a hot and bloody day. The first land battle that she fought came with an urgent order when John Stark and men fought the battle of Bennington on the New York and Vermont border.

Men fought at Lexington, Concord and at Bunker Hill and the soldiers mustered strength as they saw the Stars and Stripes a flyin still. Ever pressing onward for liberty, freedom and Glory seemed to be the manner and there at Fort McHenry in the dawns early light, Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangle Banner. Old Glory was left standing when the battle was said and done and brave mens lives were not waisted for independence they had won.

As our nation began to grow and Old Glory gained more stars on a field of blue with her bright red and white bars But in 1861 the war did not come from a distant shore for our nation turned to fight itself and started the Civil War. Family against family and brother against brother all because the blue and grey separated them by color. Oh, what a gloomy day it must have been when she looked down from the sky to see so many Americans in this war that had to die. But Old Glory pressed onward, for what she stood for she made a stand liberty, freedom and justice for all, was also given to the black man.

As our nation licked her wounds and tried to calm the rage within she no sooner got her feet on the ground and another war began. In 1898 the United States went to war with Spain and once again the blood was shed and Old Glory felt the pain. As Teddy and the Rough Riders charged on the victory Old Glory was wavin in the breeze for every eye to see. Ah, as her star spangled smile looked down upon the men she waved them on to victory and brought this war to an end.

Well, peace seemed to come to our home land as Old Glory hang in the blue But that didn’t last for long, we would fight the two big ones,WWI and WWII Countless lives were taken and the old veterans can tell it best as they recall the Arizona at the bottom of Pearl Harbor where she rest. Yes, in WWII Old Glory took it on the chin and the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines turned into fighting men. America pulled together with women in the factory's, not once did they, lag and on the island of Iwo Jima the Marines raised the flag.

The Korean War and in Vietnam we fought to keep other people free as Old Glory stood hard and fast for brotherhood, equality and liberty. She's never faltered, she's never failed and she’ll never give in as long as we do it right, like when Dessert Storm began. Hussaine didn't know what hit him, it came from everywhere in just a few short weeks victory we would declare.

Now Old Glory's seen alot of blood and shed a tear or two to keep that freedom ringing for people like me and you. She's had her ups and downs and on that we can all agree but when someone burns her in the street, that just goes all over me. Yes sir, she ought to be the pride of every American's eye and we ought to do our job to keep her a flyin in the sky. So, if you don’t like this country, leave it and take heed to this story cause this old cowboy will always take his hat off to salute the Old Glory. So, if you're proud to be an American and you don't have any grips then I'll ask you to stand with me and give allegiance to this old Stars and Strips.


By David Skipworth Copyright 1991 c

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Well, I've been raised on a cattle ranch now on all my life, working cattle and chasin strays and the rest of it's been in strife. The Baron brought me out when I was just an orphan pup and he fed me, clothed me and raised me till I was all growed up. The education I got was from the hands there at the corral on how to be polite to the ladies and tip my hat to all the gals. Now it was quite a site to see when ole Cookie was teachin the two step to me. Y-we'd dance around the camp like we was all duded up and the hands never tasted the dirt that we kicked into their chuck. Now my life is pretty full, but it's far from being complete and I knew there was alot of folks in this world I had to meet. So furthering my education and filling my life long search, I pondered on the discovery, that I'd never been to church. Now, I'd heard about singing and the things they did for fun, so I asked the forman for the weekend off to see how these things were done. He said, "In town on a Saturday night, Y--You'll probably get drunk in a bar and wind up in a fist fight!!" I told him "that weren't it a tall" It was church I wanted to go, to hear the preacher a preachin and the songs I wanted to know. With his hesitation, he gave me the time off to go into town, he thoutht it might further my education if I'd just have a look around. Now when I got there, I never saw so many pretty gals with hair so shiny and gold, I never tipped my hat so much, but the responds kinda cold! Well that next morning, I got dressed up in my Sunday go to meetin best and I headed of down to street to church just like all the rest. Now, that Sunday morning something happened and on that you can place your bet, Y--my whole life was changed and on that I'll never forget. When I left there that morning, I didn't even look the same, cause there was something I had done that I was quite ashamed!! Now when I got back to the ranch, I must have looked an awful sight, cause one look from the forman - - - He thought I'd been in a fight!! Well, upon my face was black and blue and my eyes was nearly swelled shut!! It was something that happened when the preacher told us all to stand up. But the forman jumped right on me, he said "Dave, I told you so, your just like all the rest of the boy's, you get in trouble where ever you go!!" I told him, "that wasn't it at tall, I didn't go to town to get drunk, fight or brawl" I"I got these two shiners at church and that's the honest to God's truth, tryin to be polite to this rather large lady by the name of Ruth!!" "I'll try to tell the story as close as I can recollect, on how this over grown woman like to've separated my head from my neck." "I was there at church, all the bells were ringin, we were standin up cuttin down on them songs we were a singin." "AND STANDIN RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME!!!" was her dress wedged in the crack of her rear for every eye to see!!" "Now, knowin the manners I've been taught and tryin to follow that route, I thought I'd be polite, so I reached up and pulled it out!!" "The next I knew was nothing seein stars all around my head, she hit me like no man had with that right cross that she lead!" Now, the forman said with doubt, "Dave, that sounds like a lie, and if that's the honest to God's truth son, how'd you get that other black eye?" I was standin there with my eyes swelled shut and on my face was a silly grin. I told him "if she wanted it in there that bad, I just shoved it back in!!!!!!!"

By David Skipworth, copyright 1991

About David Skipworth

David Skipworth, a professional horse trainer, devotes his love and training to horses. With over twenty seven years of training experience and within the last seven years he spent five of them working with the wild mustang. He has developed the Soft Hand Training Technique while working with these horses. His method relies heavily on patience, kindness, trust, respect and the natural instinct of the horse. He has conducted many training seminars through out the United States and his training technique has been investigated and approved by the U.S. Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado. He has applied the same reasoning with the wild zebras and with having no mentors to coach him, he was riding a four year old wild Zebra mare in only eleven hours of training.

David is also a Cowboy Preacher. David is a licensed and ordained minister and has attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. After attending seminary, David moved to Colorado to continue his ministry, There he started a chapter of Cowboys for Christ and was also president of the chapter. He also became the founding Pastor of the Cowboy Church of the Rockies, non-denominational church for all people.

David is also a Cowboy poet and western singer and has performed before thousands of poetry fans with great performers as Baxter Black, Waddie Mitchell, Flyin' W Wranglers and many more. He has held church services at Rodeos, Livestock shows, Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, Little Britches Rodeos, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and other livestock functions. He was featured Coloradoan in the Colorado Country Connection magazine and in a numerous news papers articles, radio talk shows and T.V. shows.

148 Yates Cr.
Aledo, Texas 76008

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