Gary Minshall, Horeshoein' Cowboy Poet

Hello my name is Gary Minshall. I was born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma that my great grandparents made the Oklahoma land run for in 1889, and still live within a mile of that homestead. I am very proud of the fact that I am a true blooded Oklahoman.

I am a horseshoer by trade and have been for 30 yrs. I'm a poet for fun something I just discovered a few yrs. ago. I enjoy telling these poems to whoever will listen. I thought it would be fun to share them over the internet. So here is a series of 3 poems that tells a little about our State and some people in it.

                          Oklahoma The State    

We come a ways since eighty-nine Tho' our fate at times seemed dim We blew away in dust bowl days And thangs looked mighty grim

Many left on the Grapes of Wrath Some stayed in spite of their nose But we bounced right back in a Cadillac When they hollared, there she blows

Cattle's been cheap and floods and drought And it looked like a bitter end But we took it stride with our cowboy pride 'Cause we'll work for nothin' my friend

And speakin' of cowboys of this great State Theys one that sticks in our mind Tho' Brooklyn had Dodgers, we had Will Rogers And proud he was one of our kind

And a Broadway play about this place As the winds come sweepin' down the plains Breath takin' scenes and beauty queens And the smell of the fresh spring rains

Great athletes are more than few With 'ol Thorpe a settin' the pace We got baseball games and Hall of Fames And ballerinas of the Cherokee race

And our astronauts that fly up high To conquer the last frontier They passed the test,and they are the best And lots of 'em came from here

And lets not forget our common man The strength of our tommorrow Or the bomb that day we knelt to pray And the whole world grieved our sorrow

We got movie stars and folks that sing To name 'em would take too long We got golfin' courses and buckin' horses And we shor won't treat ya' wrong

I'll end this poem with one more verse And a bit of food for a thought Without a doubt, I left some out But, IS THIS A GREAT STATE OR WHAT

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Will Rogers once said, We spoiled one of the best territories in the world just to make a state. Speakin' of Oklahoma terrtory, or Indian territory. I think this is what he was talkin' about. This is for all my Native American fiends everywhere.

A Special Place

This land was free as the eagle flew Where buffalo roamed and the sky was blue Where the antelope played with the deer and all Where my Indian friends stood proud and tall

Where wild horses ran with so much grace Free and wild in a carefree race And the tall grass waved in a peaceful breeze Clear sweet streams and gigantic trees

And the snow would fall in it's purest white And a lone wolf howled throughout the night A place disigned by our great spirit's hand No marks or scars were upon this land

It belong to a people to wander about To do as they wished to dance and shout To pray to the Great Spirit in the Heaven above And give 'em thanks for this land they love

I tell ya my friends we know the rest The Red Man was put through an awful test Their homes were taken and moved aside Their spirit was broken, their wounded pride

I think they've forgiven but not forgot Of this land of plenty that the white man sought And I hope and pray when this world ends That there is a great land for my Indian friends

Where the antelope play and the water sweet To dance and sing to the drums the beat Where eagles fly and buffalo roam A Special Place that they can call their own

I can't talk about Oklahoma without sayin' somethin' 'bout Will Rogers

Will Rogers

I can't think of a thang that hadn't been said 'Bout Will Rogers or why he was here 'Tho our brother of love has long been dead I still want to stand up and cheer

'Bout the things that he said and the thangs that he done And the love that he had for mankind And how he lived havin' so much fun Thats one thang that shor hard to find

'Ol Will he loved horses Comanche the most And could rope a mouse as quick as a cat His dogiron brand hung there on a post And a Claremore crease in his hat

Americas dream, that Cherokee kid His travels went way 'cross the sea 'Course that's just what 'Ol Will Rogers did Chew gum, scratch his, and be free

He dined with kings and presidents Poked fun and told a few jokes He wrote in the paper with lots of good sense And he spoke up for us common folks

Hollywood loved 'em and made 'em a star And he's mayor out there for a town 'Ol Henry Ford he gave 'em a car And a Ford plane, to fly around

Will Rogers died young but long live his name And his words hold truth for today He's right up there in the worlds hall of fame I think God just planned 'em that way

So when ya give thanks for all the good men And thangs are perfectly still And your sittin' there wearin' a great big grin Be sure and give thanks for 'Ol Will

Then stand America and hollar real loud No finer a statesman they'll be Will Rogers our friend Oklahoma is proud And we thank God this land is free

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