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L.W. (Luke) Lucas

Eau D' Max or (Ode to Max)

"Team Pennings Answer to the Rodeo Bullfighter"
By L.W. (Luke) Lucas

Now we go pennin' at Jerry's On Thursday and Saturday nights. We're a low budget operation And ya aughta see the sights.

We got no need for squeeze chutes 'Cuz Steve said "We'll use a gate!" By the time we get 'em tagged We're covered in what they ate!

But that's the fun in pennin' Just playin' with the cows. None of us pen for a livin' Hell, some don't even know how.

But it's the time spent with our horses With friends that we hold dear. To laugh and whine and go to eat And perchance to drink a beer. (or two)

Which brings me to the saga, of Max That night after the show. When Hell broke loose inside the pen Where all the cattle go - (to be "undressed")

See Max is sort of a hired man. He works around the place. Buildin' bleachers, and mendin' fence Just keepin' up the face.

See without a chute Undressin' em takes on quite a turn. And when things get all outta hand A man can sure get...churned

So there's one steer with his number left Who thought ...it's not my time And we played Hell to catch him For he was in his prime

So we tried to catch him, Twix the side rails and the gate. But he was havin' none of it He wouldn't take the bait.

Then Max pipes up! "I'll get it done, just get out the way!" He set his brew upon the ground And slid in amongst the fray

He slithered in amongst 'em Like a coyote on the prowl. He crawled across the backs of four To this day, I don't know how

. When all at once he disappeared. And then there came a shout. He cussed and howled and bellowed Then his hat came flyin' out.

"Damn that nasty bugger" I saw him standin' there Holdin' his chest and wheezin' Gaspin' to get more air.

"He kicked me in the stomach" "Here hold my cigarettes." And back he went in once again I"m sure with some regret.

But in he went again, This time we saw him roll Cow kicked ... right in the shin I'm sure that took it's toll

As he hit the ground face first We looked at him in awe. We didn't know that cattle Could use a soccer ball.

We watched as Max got tossed around And when he finally stopped He just laid there in the dirt All covered with the slop

The cows parted to one side And then ol' Max got up. ...He handed it to Tom... Who put it in a cup.

It was round ... and small And showed some signs of wear It looked like a piece of unpopped corn That had been left behind to seer

So one last time he entered That lively bawling throng He finally got the number off... "See that didn't take too long!"

Tom had to ask "What is this thing?" Although it was uncooth Ol' Max just looked Tom in the eye And said "Hey man that's my tooth!"

So Tom give him a quarter. Thought the Tooth Fairy'd do the same. Ol' Max just said... "a quarter... Man that's pretty lame!"


By L.W. (Luke) Lucas

He strolled outta the gate just to have a look around. Took a look back east didn't see much that was new So he turned himself the other way, and headed westward bound

He stopped to check the neighbors out he hadn't met them yet But there's nobody home so he just kept on a walkin' He glanced back toward the old place and out the gate she went

To see if he was okay and if there was anything she could do He told her you can come along but I don't know where I'm goin' If I ever needed anyone I'm sure it would be you

So down the road they wandered saying "howdy" to all they passed They came upon a little place with a mule inside She was quite content to stand there eatin' grass

The lawn was greener than any that they'd seen Though it was just up the road apiece He wondered what the fellow used to make the stuff so green

Nobody seemed to notice them so they just walked along They took in all the sights and smells But they seemed to sense that something was all wrong

The folks that they encountered were friendly and took care Not to bother them as they strolled and took in the scenery But there seemed to be something missing in the air

A kindness and a warmth that only comes from home So they started walkin with a lightness in their step They'd seemed to have enough of all this time to roam

So back inside their little place they went It felt good to be back where they belonged It wasn't much... be he lived there, and in that thought they sensed

That this is home and all is safe, and this is where he'll be They walked around the house and all was still the same They looked around and thought a spell and then they began to see

He ran out of the house, and down the drive, he forgot to shut the gate He wondered if they were still in the yard Good Lord don't let it be too late!

They looked at him in wonder and thought, what is all the fuss Wasn't anything wrong near as they could tell Wonder if it's because of us?

He noticed the hoof prints leadin' out the yard He hoped they were close by Dammit... I let down my guard

He ran around like he was crazed, till he saw the other tracks He breathed a sigh of great relief Cuz these were headed back

They saw him run toward the barn, callin' out their names They wondered what is wrong with him? And then in their minds it came

He misses us when we're not here or when he's gone from home His work, it takes him on the road alot He's up and down the highways, too far off towns he roams

But we're the first he visits, when he comes back in They think perhaps they'll stay here Cuz to leave would be a sin

The grass is green outside the gate, but love is here within He cares for us and feeds us and makes sure that we're okay And as far as they can tell it will always be that way

So dear you best move along, he said there's a little grass back there I may be old but I'm "The Man" so best move along ya hear!

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By L.W.(Luke) Lucas

Behind the chute she trims his mane, To braid it just ain't right. She hopes she's thought of everything, Cuz the Big Show's here tonight..

The States, the Finals, the last shebang, The end of all that's dear. The many miles behind us now, It all comes down, right here..

Just three little barrels, It ain't that bigga deal. But, for this night that's all there is, Left in her world that's real..

Her name is called, she's in the hole, Second from the gate. She swallows hard and shivers, Let there be no twists of fate.

No broken tack, no sudden clangs, Of trailers takin' off. Like freight trains in the rail yard, Don't let nobody cough.

Though she wouldn't hear 'em anyway, But then again she might. Focused like an arrowhead, in it's soundless flight.

She blocks out all the roarin' crowd She doesn't hear a thing. 'Cept when the speaker blares She's the next one in the ring.

The sweat that's on her furrowed brow, Dries like so much haze. Her hands unclench remembering, A loose hand on the rein.

She just slides up to the gate And then the hammer drops. Her horse leaps out the chute, Just like he's been shot. (out of a cannon, that is)

It's way past the time to think That trainings all been done. First barrel, she's a comin fast The horse's on the run.

She checks him up and lets him turn This stuff is automatic. She launches off the backside like a barrelin' fanatic.

Flying change? There ain't no hitch. No stumble in this leg. They're off to number two, Take the hammer hit the peg.

And nail it to the left this time! Her horse is in his glory. But we got one more can to round, Before we end this story.

So off toward the last turn, She cuts a bit too fast The rider pulls up on the rein, to keep from goin' past.

The horse, he puts his shoulder down leanin' way too far! She feels the barrel hit her knee, It could've been a car.

The pain tore through her Like a buzzsaw, straight into the core. She never let it phase her, Cuz on this run she swore...

Unless she wasn't breathin', She's gonna make it through. Said nothin's gonna stop me, Not Him, not me, not you.

She didn't even notice If the barrel was still standin' She kicked her horse and sent him on, Just like she was a plannin'.

The crowd went wild, Hysterical, in all it's writhing fury. Cuz the barrel tipped, and almost fell. But, here in lies the story!

At almost forty five degrees It tilted toward the ground. The crowd rose up to watch it While she was going round.

As if by will or force unseen It stopped there in its tracks. It hovered there decidin' If to fall... or just relax.

She was way down by the finish line When in this twist of fate. The can sat down and spun a bit, Standing proud and straight.

The crowd was numb with tearful eyes, Never had they seen The power of the Lord above, Within this barrel ring.

Win or lose, its not of note, For on this fateful day. The trophy we'll remember, Is not here on display.

But in the hearts of those who saw, A little girl with life. A horse that is her bestest friend, Even in this time of strife.

Cuz the pony cost a hundred bucks, and She didn't have a prayer. But when she won the shootin' match She really didn't care.

Her Daddy taught her how to ride, Her Mama made her shirt. She borrowed someone's saddle, And someone else's girth.

See it ain't what you got outside, That makes you who you are. It's grit and grunt and dirt and sweat, That takes us to that star.

So on some day when things ain't good And times are lookin tough. Remember that He's out there, Takin' care of stuff.

About L.W.( Luke) Lucas -

Born in 1951, and raised on the outskirts of Baltimore Md. (Woodlawn). Farm country at one time, but it is now, the suburbs. One of my earliest memories was working for a farmer friend of my parents. Helping him raise and sell his fruits and vegatables. My first horse adventure was on a school chum's pony. We would ride it in the school yard behind his grandmother's house. As years went by my love for horses never left me but I never really had time to pursue it. When I would need time to think I would go to the local riding stable and rent a horse by the hour. Years came and went but my desire for the western lifestyle never faded. I worked as a truck and car mechanic for 15 years and in the construction business for another eight. On a business trip to Florida with a good friend I decided that it was time for a change. I moved to South Florida 4 months later, at the tender age of 43. Somehow or another got involved with these "cowboy types", bought a horse destined for the killer truck and never looked back. I started my own horse hauling business, Lone Wolf Horse Transport, and have been in it for the last 2 years. We bought ourselves a 5 acre place with a house and no barn. With the help of friends, built a barn and now have three horses, a fiancee, five cats, and a dalmation. I started writing poetry in my head while on the road haulin' horses. Using my own and my friend's experiences. Like the song says " shoulda beena cowboy", but, being one at heart is better than not being one at all. You can contact me at: L.W. Lucas 15099 Collecting Canal Rd. Loxahatchee, Fl. 33470

or call 1-800-513-7358 1-561-793 3806 or e-mail to lucas@jet.laker.net

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