Featured Cowboy Poet, Ken Markison

Featured Cowboy Poet

Ken Markison

 natures class room
    by ken markison

two cowboys saw a couger go up a tree the plan was to catch him as told to me one cowboy climbed the tree shook the branch and the cat fell free the cowboy on the ground his name was mat opened his arms and caught the cat he was agresasive as a coyote pup mat and the cat were mixing it up the cowboy in the tree his name was jim do you want me to come down and help you hold him the cowboy on the ground he said no come down and help me let him go

clint by ken markison

silver mounted saddle and of coarce a braided bridle on his palamino horse tall in the saddle he sat alert this mexican renegade clint mcgurt he was the leader of an outlaw band and the terror of the rio grande they stold horses till they had a herd trailed them to texas is the word deep in texas they stold the land he and his wife and his outlaw band for his crimes he never paid it was forgotten he was a renagade now in the valley the box m ranch green grass growing and a river branch he rides a horse with the box m brand a buckskin stud with a lot of sand i could tell without a hint somewhat older but it was clint by the grace of god and all his forces here they are still breeding horses

a cowboy's request by ken markison

my hands are stiff you call me paw when i practice my quick draw my holster shrunk there is no doubt my colt is stuck it won't come out to catch a cow i throw a loop can't throw high and they won't stoop have to mount at the water trough if on my horse i can't get off when i was young i had this pride i liked horses and i could ride so old friend let's share a cup then put me on my saddle bottom up tie my hands to my feet make the knot hard and neat head my horse into the sun spank his rump and make him run you will know every thing is fine when i cross the timber line need you'r help for my last ride will waite for you on the other side

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what a cowboy or cowgirl should wear by ken markison

she looked pretty in her levi blouse and her levi jeans by levi strause they strolled along hand in hand he left her there at the old grand stand moseyed on over to the bucking chutes in his stetson hat and tony lama boots he settled in on that old cayuse with as much character as copenhagen snoose a south dakota boy was roy a rca card carrying cowboy he was prepared for the trip and he hollered let her rip they opened the gate and let him out from the stands he heard them shout lightning came down stiff legged and he arched his back we heard a noise like a pistol crack as he hit the ground we could see him sag as he was thrown from that bucking nag laying on the ground he let out a moan did you break your leg no just the bone

About Kenneth Markison

to be a cowboy is a frame of mind

i am 76 years old .i have been a cowboy all my life and never stepped in manure

are there any publishers out there ihat want to purchase quality cowboy and country poetry? if so you can contact me at e mail kenquien@webtv.net.

my e mail address is in spanglish meaning ken who

my mailing address
2902 e 98 th ave
tampa fla 33612

ken markison

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