Cowboy Poet
John Robert Mallernee a.k.a. "Saigon"

Cowboy Poets of Idaho

Words and Music by
John Robert "Saigon" Mallernee

Verse # 1:

From the peaks of snowy mountains To the sun-baked desert floor A spirit wind is whistling An Ancient tune once more. So, step down from your pony, And settle down a while. We'll swap some jokes And sing a song And everone will smile. A railroad locomotive And some coyotes harmonize Our heroes and our history Beneath our Western Skies. The campfire's warmly blazing And the stars above us glow. It's time once more To gather Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

Verse # 2:

There's two sisters from Wyoming And a rancher from Rigby. Some youngsters playing fiddles Will set our troubles free. There's the Monntain Man from Kooskia And some Utah cattle men, An old sheep herder tells some jokes That makes the cowboys girn. They gather at the "Roxy" Every year in early spring To tell the stories of the West And some will play and sing, There's lots of local talent When it's time to do a show, We're only just beginning: Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

Verse # 3:

From Montana and Wyoming, Old Utah and Oregon: The legends of the Cowboys Will still live on and on. Oh, yes, the Indian nations Are part of our Old West! There's triumph and there's tragedy In every human test. I'm so glad that I am living In a place so wild and free Where folks are independent And they are what they will be. I think I hear some yodelling, So, it's time for us to go. Our show is just beginning: Cowboy Poets of Idaho!


The Audience is cheering! We can feel their happy glow! Our show is just beginning: Cowboy Poets of Idaho!

Written Sunday, 20 April, 1997

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Dude's Lament

Words and Music by
John Robert "Saigon" Mallernee

Verse #1:

, I'm not a genuine cowboy 'Cause I'm just a little too fat! But when I strum my guitar And sing my songs, I wear my cowboy hat! I never learned to ride a horse, 'Cause the horse was smarter than me, And all I know of cowboy life Is what they show on the Tee Vee!


In this great land There is a place Where folks wear Western clothes. They know how to ride And they know how to rope, But I'm not one of those!

Verse # 2:

I strolled down to the General Store To buy a pair of jeans. A cowgirl looked at my And said, "That dude is full of beans!" I'm not a genuine cowboy. That's what the cowboy's say. But I'm in love with a cowgirl, So, I'll be a cowboy someday!
Repeat Bridge and Second Verse to end. Written 26 December, 1995

Coryell County Texas

Words and Music by John Robert "Saigon" Mallernee

Verse # 1:

I yearned to go a wandering, When I was just a lad. And so, I left behing me The best life I have had. I put aside my cowboy boots To wear the Arny's Green So I could go where I ain't gone And see what I ain't seen.


Take me back To Coryell County: To the Girl I once called mine! I loved those times Deep down in Texas Growing up along The Santa Fe rail line!

Verse # 2:

I used to work the rodeo Beneath the Texas sun. I was a champion rider When the Brahma bulls Would run. Now and then, I'd kiss my girl Whose name I won't disclose, She was a Texas tomboy, And sweet just like a rose!

Verse # 3:

Now I'm in a foreign land; I've got my boyhood dream. But the dream's a nightmare When I hear The dying scream! I'm out of ammunition And the time's run out for me. But, I'll give a yell for Texas: That's where I want to be!

Written 26 March, 1975

About John Robert Mallernee, A.k a. "Saigon"

A member of the Cowboy Poets of Idaho, I write songs, sing, and accompany myself on guitar.

I live alone in an old haunted theatre, and have been in a couple of plays.

I am a Viet Nam Veteran and a Mormon convert.

Retired because of disability, I enjoy reading to the blind each week at nearby Ricks College.

I also enjoy studying the heavens at night with my telescope and binoculars.

I helped build the Viet Nam Memorial in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm on page 269 of the 101St Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" History book.

I've traveled to Germany, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Thailand, Australia, and Isreal. I've attended several colleges, but never graduated. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I love sailing the ocean and riding railroad trains.

I particularly enjoy expressing unpopular and extremist viewpoints in letters ot editors and public officials.

I'm an "Undiscovered" Amature
Looking for my big break!

John Robert "Saigon" Mallernee
116 N. Bridge St.
Siant Anthony, Idaho 83445-1414
Telepnone: (208)-624-3044

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