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Country-Fried Bull is a FREE e-zine featuring jokes, humorous poems, funny articles and stories about cowboys, farm life, country living, and small town life. There were four issues created as full blown websites:

See the Fourth Issue, October 1999
See the Third Issue, June 1999
See the Second Issue, March 1999
See the First Issue, January 1999
See the First Bite-Size Issue, February 12, 2001
See the Second Bite-Size Issue, February 28, 2001
See the Third Bite-Size Issue, March 17, 2001
See the Fourth Bite-Size Issue, April 1, 2001
See the Fifth Bite-Size Issue, April 15, 2001
See the Sixth Bite-Size Issue, May 1, 2001
See the Seventh Bite-Size Issue, May 30, 2001
See the Eighth Bite-Size Issue, June 15, 2001
New New !! Nineth Bite-Size Issue, July 1, 2001

Now Country-Fried Bull is produced in bite-size editions sent FREE directly to your email.

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There is no pay. Senders of approved material will receive a "Manure Happens" Bumper Sticker.

Stick with the theme.

Keep it Clean ---- No worse than you see in Readers Digest.

For Jokes --- if you know the originator, say so. You will be credited as the submitter.

Poems, articles and stories must be your own or you have permission to submit them ---- i.e. don't send a Baxter Black poem unless you are Baxter Black

Previously published material is okay

If you wish, your web URL and web page title, and/or e-mail address and/or phone number can be included.

If the stories are true (more or less) change the names of real people (unless you have a darn good reason not to -- or they are part of history). We will both live longer.

Send submissions by e-mail only

E-mail (without the # marks) and put "Bull" as the subject.

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