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Manure Happens

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Performed at Tall Tales Show, Plummer, ID, 2003.

	        by Hilma (Volcano) Volk

It was our High School reunion -
My gawd the years fly quick -
An old memory walked through the door,
And he was lookin' kinda sick.

I'd studied the old yearbook
Memorizing each forgotten name.
Could it be? Nawh! It must be him.
There he was, my teenage flame.

Oh, he was a handsome devil then,
Cocky, bold and strong
A junior rodeo champion,
Oh my gawd we got along.

But I went on to college,
Missed him less and less each day.
While he took the rodeo circuit -
Rode rough stock in the P.R.C.A.

Now twenty years later there he stood
Lookin' twice as old as most
A bent up man in a bent up body T
hat could be giving up the ghost.

He told me I was lookin' good,
As he flashed a toothless grin.
And I wished I could say the same.
I blurted, "You stayed thin."

His left eye was kinda droopy,
And the right one wore a patch.
His nose faced northeast when he faced north,
And his ears no longer matched.

One elbow didn't bend quite right,
And that shoulder rather sagged.
When I asked him how he'd been I couldn't tell
if he bellyached or bragged.

He said, "Every rib's been busted,
An' my skull's been fractured twice.
Let's sit down while we talk,
I'm s'posed to keep this knee on ice.

"I split my spleen in Abilene,
Broke my elbow up in Pasco,
My collar bone in San Antone
Crushed each toe in old El Paso.

"I broke my jaw in Wichita,
Lost six more teeth in Tacoma T
hen in Medford, man I was gored
And spent three months in a coma.

"I don't let 'em know I'm hurtin' so
(A cowboy ain't supposed to complain)
But my muscles cramp when the weather's damp
Or when someone even mentions rain.

He said, "Heck," as he cracked his neck,
"You know, I'm still decidin',
But it may be true, in a year or two,
I just might give up bull ridin'."

I like beating my head against the wall
because it feels so good
when I stop.

  Selected Cowboy Poetry
by Hilma (Volcano) Volk

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Manure Happens
by Hilma (Volcano) Volk
Copyright 1995, 2005, All Rights Reserved
Website: http://www.manurehappens.com